Digital Pattern Printing is the most advanced fabric printing technology in the world. It is very popular in the European and American markets. FELINE cooperates with the world's largest fabric digital printing factory and manufacturer of digital printing equipments. There are two sets of different digital printing technologies; Digital Direct Printing and Digital Thermal Transfer Printing. Digital Direct Printing is used when printing the design straight onto a variety of natural fabrics. Whereas, Digital Thermal Transfer Printing requires pre-printing of the pattern on a special paper, and then is transferred onto various synthetic fabrics (such as chiffon, satin, etc.) via thermal transfer. 


At present, world famous luxury brands (such as Hermes, LV, Gucci, etc.) have chosen to print their infamous Double-Sided Silk Scarves in our cooperative production factory through the Double-Sided Printing technology.



The advantages of digital printing include; a wide range of colours, vivid colour outputs, high precision process, and fine and detailed designs. These advantages break the defects of traditional fabric printing methods.  The digital printing method allows small-scale production and is not subjected to any restrictions in order to fulfill the consumer’s individual needs. At the same time, the pollution that may be caused by digital printing is relatively small (compared to traditional fabric printing methods) and it can basically achieve zero emissions. The pollution of traditional fabric printing methods is more than 30 times that of digital printing.